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Deputy Rectors and Delegates

The Rector empowers more Deputy  Rectors and Vice Rectors to perform some of his duties in specific fields.

Loredana Ficarelli

Vice-Rector with responsibility for Architecture, Construction, and Spaces
Giuseppe Pascazio Vice-Rector with responsibility for Research
Vincenzo Luigi Spagnolo Vice-Rector with responsibility for Third Mission and Technology Transfer
Sergio Camporeale Delegate for Education
Francesco Defilippis
Delegate for Internationalization
Antonio Emmanuele Uva Delegate for Orientation
Claudia Vitone Delegate for Orientation
Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo Delegate for Organizational Performance and Management Control
Giuseppe Acciani Delegate for Placement
Mariangela Turchiarulo Delegate for Placement and Institutional Communication
Vincenzo Petruzzelli Delegate for the University Library System
Michele Dassisti
Delegate for Sustainability
Michele Ruta Delegate for Digital Transition
Giulia Annalinda Neglia Delegate for Welfare and Equal Opportunities
Tommaso Di Noia Delegate for Innovation in Education
Floriano Scioscia Delegate for Integration for People with Disabilities
Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli Delegate for Research Valorization
Caterina Ciminelli Delegate for Student Services and Active Policies for the Right to Education
Giorgio Mossa Delegate for Continuing Education
Vito Gallo Delegate for National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR)