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Transportation Planning and Mobility

Contact person

Michele Ottomanelli - Associate Professor

Competencies and research activities

The TRAMP lab research activity are devoted to the optimization of passengers and freight mobility.  Advanced methods and models for the solution of traffic, transportation and logistics are developed. These activities are carried on for both pure research and within commissioned studies. The main activities concerns with  analysis, studies and forecasts on travel demand, evaluation of the effect due to new projects or plans on the transportation system and on the territory,  specification of traffic simulation models and transport-land use interaction models, specification of decision support systems in transportation planning, public transport network design, pedestrian evacuation planning, studies on efficiency and quality of transport service, parking studies.
Another expertise of the Lab is about the planning, design and management of bike-sharing systems and shared mobility in general. In this field the lab staff has developed advanced real-time model for the simulation of bike sharing systems. In the field of urban logistics, the research is devoted to the optimization of waste collecting systems and pick-up and delivery problems.
The lab is able to carry on surveys on users’ choice and traffic counts surveys.

Collaborations with companies and institutions

MerMec SpA, AMAT Taranto, Poste Italiane, ENI, Comune di Bari, Multitel (Belgio). 
The TRAMP-lab collaborates with other universities such as University of Belgrade and University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and University of Cantabria (Spain),