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Noise and Vibration Laboratory (NVLab)

Contact person

Leonardo Soria

Competencies and research activities

Mission of the NVLab at DMMM, PoliBA is the theoretical and experimental analysis of Noise and mechanical Vibrations having the aim of their control.
Main sectors of application are macro- and micro-devices, machines, plants and facilities, manufacturing processes, transportations, environment.
Main activities are in the fields of theoretical (Multibody/FEM/BEM) and experimental analysis (classical and innovative modal testing, acoustics mapping, environmental testing, and NVH analysis for road/rail vehicles) of the dynamical behaviour of mechanical systems and devices.
Experimental activities can be carried out either in lab or in loco. Specifically, tests that the lab is able to perform are:
A) structural identification by Experimental Modal Analysis (Input-Output Modal Analysis of linear and nonlinear systems), Operational Modal Analysis (Output-only Modal Analysis), Vibro-Acoustic Modal Analysis tests, Transmissibility-based Operational Modal Analysis, Operational Modal Analysis of vehicle systems;
B) vibration measurements by accelerometers, Laser Doppler Vibrometer, and u (μ-flown) probes;
C) acoustics measurements, i.e. sound power measurements by p-p and p-u (μ-flown) sound intensity probes, acoustic impedance measurements by p-u (μ-flown) probes, acoustic fields' mapping and source localization by acoustic holography, Transfer Path Analysis (TPA, OPA);
D) vibration (environmental) testing of mechanical, mechatronic systems and devices on electro-dynamic shakers of large size (up to 20 kN), under close loop controlled base excitation (linear, log swept sine deterministic, white, pink stochastic).
The facilities for technical computing are:
- server comprising 2 cluster nodes, each equipped with 2 XEON processors E5-2680 v3, for a total of 96 cores, 448 GB RAM, and 16 TB of disk space. 
The facilities for experimental testing are:
- Mobile PC based multichannel analyzer platform for noise and vibration analysis equipped with the needed software applications, having real-time capability, able to perform signal processing (FFT, 1/n-octave (CPB) and overall analyses simultaneously on the same or different channels/signals), signal generation, modal parameter estimation.
- Electrodynamic shakers (2 N, 200 N, 450 N, 2000 N, 20000 N) equipped with the needed power amplifiers.
- Impact hammer.
- Piezoelectric and piezoresistive accelerometers of different classes with the needed calibrators and cables.
- Impedance heads. 
- Laser Doppler Vibrometer and all the needed measure chain components.
- Sound Intensity probe kit equipped with the needed calibrator.
- Sound level meters.
- Microphones of different classes equipped with the needed calibrators and cables.
- Micro-flown transducers.

Collaborations with companies and institutions

The NVLab at DMMM, PoliBA is / has been involved in several national and international cooperation activities with research groups belonging to other universities (New York University - USA, University of Liege - Belgium, Aalborg University - Denmark, Kiel University - Germany, RWTH AAchen University - Germany, Università Politecnica delle Marche - Italy) and industrial partners (SISW – Belgium, MERMEC – Italy, MASMEC – Italy, ISOTTA FRASCHINI MOTORI - Italy).