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Laboratory for the thermo-physical characterization of manufactured polymers

Contact person

Roberto Spina - Associate Professor

Competencies and research activities

The main topics of basic and applied research are related to the technological characterization of polymeric materials, numerical simulation of injection molding processes and the experimental study tensions induced crystallization. Available instruments in the laboratory are a Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Neztsch Pegasus 404 F3), Dilatometer (Netzsch DIL 402C), Rotational Rheometer (HAAKE MARS III) and two workstations for heavy duty computation.

Collaborations with companies and institutions

The research carried out in the laboratory is very large, with several national and international collaborations with companies and research institutes. There is close cooperation with the IKV Institute of RWTH Aachen University, highlighted by spontaneous exchanges had in recent years, through the DAAD programs, Erasmus and DFG.
The added values of cooperation are to be able to propose projects that promote innovation and technology transfer, thanks to the skills which were scanned, to local companies (Italian and German) and international.
The Laboratory allows to make joint research with several companies such as BOSCH CVIT, GE Oil & Gas, Soffigen srl to cite as fews through projects funded by Italian Minister of Research and University (MIUR) and Apulia Region.