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Laboratory of Cognition and Spatial Planning

Contact person

Angela Barbanente

Competencies and research activities

The Laboratory of Cognition and spatial planning is a strong reference framework for activities related to the disciplines of spatial planning, urban planning and land engineering, toward study and academic research, as well as consultancy and "third mission".
It is concerned with analysis, forecasting, evaluation, layout modeling, environmental, territorial, urban relationships and transformations, as well as with assisted planning, supported both by multiagent models of spatial cognition and analysis and GIS oriented techniques, and by  the use of sensors to monitor environmental and social phenomena.
They are activities that allow the construction of possible visions and future scenarios, that are fundamental to support decisions in a perspective of sustainable development and protection of environment and of territorialized relationships.
The skills acquired in recent years, even in the use of techniques and advanced technology, made it possible to support several National and European research projects (such as "PRINs", "Strategic" and "Exploratory" Projects with Apulia Region), as well as numerous agreements with public and private institutions, municipalities, Apulia Region, park authorities, etc.).

Collaborations with companies and institutions

Apulia Region
Park Authorities