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Lab for Internal Combustion Engines (MACI)

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Bernardo Fortunato

Competencies and research activities

In the area named Ex-Officine Scianatico, thanks to funding from the PrInCE project, the Politecnico di Bari University transferred the soundproof chamber inside of which two test benches housing internal combustion engines (already available). Moreover, a methane pipe has been added, which will allow to carry out studies of small CHP units based on internal combustion engines of automotive derivation.
The first test bench is equipped with a single 500 cm3 cylinder research engine, 4-stroke, spark ignition (with both bore and stroke equal to 86 mm), model 5401 produced by AVL. The engine compression ratio is 10.5: 1. The engine has 4 valves, and a Bosch injector that injects, at closed valves, in the intake duct. The dynamometer consists of an eddy current brake with oscillating cradle and load cell, model System One Alpha 160, rather sophisticated. This implements: oil and water cooling systems (heat exchangers with SIEMENS automated valves); Electric starter (3.2 kW); throttle actuator (stepping motor); Cabinet for cabling of additional acquisition data (Automation Unit); basic data acquisition system (pressure sensors and PT100 thermocouples; pressure transducers and flow switches); internal system for cooling the water of the brake refrigeration system; open access Engine Control Unit (ECU) with maps for early injection and spark ignition and injection, which can be changed in real-time; acquisition system of the indicated cycle; gravimetric balance.
The second test bench is as follows: an eddy AVL Alpha 240 (maximum output current: 240kW, maximum speed: n = 10000rpm); HBM U2A load cell for detecting the torque; feeder LSE AVL 435 for the excitation of the dynamometer; loop detection; detecting the composition of exhaust gas; fuel system. The engine currently under investigation is an Alfa Romeo 2.4 JTD 10V, 5-cylinder, one head camshaft (motor code AR32501; 2387cm3; 90.4mm stroke; 82mm bore; compression ratio 18.5:1; maximum power 100kW @ 4200rpm, maximum torque 304Nm @ 2000rpm; Bosch’s direct fuel injection system with an electronic "Common Rail" controller, EDC-15C.

Collaborations with companies and institutions

Bosch, ETAS