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Electrical and Electronic Measurements Research Lab

Contact person

Mario Savino

Competencies and research activities

The Lab is equipped with a large variety of generic and specialized laboratory facilities: from basic instruments (digital oscilloscopes, arbitrary waveform generators, power supplies, etc.) for low frequency applications, to advanced ones for signal generation and analysis up to the gigahertz range of frequencies. Advanced thermal imaging diagnostic instruments and a mid-sized (about 250 liters) climatic chamber are also available.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of skills of the research group members:

- ADCs (Analog to Digital Converters) error modeling and correction;
- Design and prototipation of PC-, microcontroller- and DSP-based mixed signals Data Acquisition (DAQ) and processing systems;
- Industrial circuits, PLC programming and machines diagnostic for faults prevention;
- Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) design and prototipation;
- Mains signals (both high voltages and high currents) sensing, digitization and DSP-based numerical processing for real-time energy quality assessment for the alternative energies market;
- Marine water purity measurements for early detection of Ostreopsis Ovatae algae eutrophication and other man-related pollution phenomena;
- Energy harvesting and energy monitoring from renewable sources;
- Characterization of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and of their sub-systems for health status assessment, reliability and pre-flight check;
- Time Domain Reflectometry measurement system and waveform analysis;
- Cross-platform and web-based Rapid Application Development for ATE Systems (Automated Test Equipment) with Microsoft Visual Studio, Embarcadero RAD Studio, Android Studio, Eclipse, etc.
- Hardware and Software design of SCADA/HMI Systems for industrial automation;
- PCB design for mixed signals circuits with industrial standard EDA Tools (Altium Designer, Eagle CAD, KiCAD, etc.); - Firmware development and debugging for a large variety of industry-standard 8-/16-/32-bits microcontrollers and DSPs (Microchip AVR/dsPIC/PICmicro, ARM Cortex-Mx, Texas Instruments C6748, etc.);
- Statistical techniques for measurement uncertainty assessment and instrument calibration.

The Lab works continuously with important Italian companies in order to carry out technology transfer projects  and collaborate with international scholars for advanced scientific research.

For further info, please visit http://misure.poliba.it.

Collaborations with companies and institutions

MER MEC S.p.A. - Monopoli
SITAEL S.p.A. - Mola di Bari
MASMEC S.p.A. - Bari
SIPAL S.p.A. - Torino
Altanet S.r.l. - Altamura
ApuliaBiotech - Bari
DPM Elettronica S.r.l. - Foggia
Nardò Technical Center – Porche Engineering - Nardò (LE)
Centro Studi Componenti per Veicoli S.p.A.(CVIT) - Gruppo BOSCH – Modugno (BA)
Low Frequency Measurement Group – Department of Electronics and Telecomunications del Politecnico di Torino
Departamento de Electrónica, Automática y Comunicaciones - Universidad Pontificia Comillas - Madrid