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Electric and Electronic Measurements Lab

Contact person

Gregorio Andria

Competencies and research activities

The Electrical and Electronic Measurement Lab activities have leaded to valuable results in terms of technology transfer, in the field of applied science and  manufacturing accomplished through national and international Research projects.
Main area of investigation includes  the study, design, development and characterization of innovative sensors and instrumentation for scientific/industrial applications and the development of algorithms for medical imaging.
This Lab is equipped with instrumentation for measurement and generation of electrical quantities up to the gigahertz range of frequencies and thermal imaging.  A metrology room with controlled temperature and humidity is also available.
The following is a non-exhaustive list of skills of the research group members:
Smart instruments for measurements on components and systems;
Analysis and measurement on distorted electrical signals, in stationary and/or transient condition;
Model identification, parameters estimation and characterization of electrical machines, equipment, apparatus and electrical drives;
Measurement of non‐electrical quantities through electronic and electro‐optical sensors;
Environmental monitoring and Remote Sensing;
Assessment of industrial pollution;
Reliability of measurement using statistical quality control techniques;
Measurements and electronic instrumentation in the biomedical field;
Image processing for noise reduction on medical images;
Development and characterization of components and sensors for the aerospace industry.
For further info, please visit http://misure.poliba.it.

Collaborations with companies and institutions

Cittadella della carità - Taranto
Leonardo SpA– Land& Naval Defence Division-Taranto
ILVA SpA – Taranto
Vestas Italia srl -Taranto
Mermec –Monopoli
MASMEC Biomed – Modugno (BA)
Alenia Aermacchi -Grottaglie (TA)
Ospedale Taranto Nord "G. Moscati"- Dipartimento di Radiologia  
Ospedale Santissima Annunziata - Taranto- Dipartimento di Radiologia  
Arsenale Militare di Taranto
Comune di Taranto
Provincia di Taranto
Confindustria Taranto
Autorità Portuale - Taranto
Universitad Politecnica de Valencia