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Control of Computing and Communication Systems Lab

Contact person

Saverio MascoloProfessor

Competencies and research activities

The Control of Computing and Communication Systems Lab (C3Lab) focuses on the analysis and control of network systems. 

The main research activities are set in the following fields:

- Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, 360 immersive video streaming 
- Adaptive video streaming
- Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC)
- SDN control planes
- Control and orchestration of CDN
- Server overload control, SIP overload control
- Congestion control
- Secure cyber-physical Control systems

Control of such systems involves:
- nonlinear control
- switching control
- time-delay system control
- optimal control
- robust control


- "Cisco Award 2013" funded by the "Cisco University Research Program" for the project “Architecture for Robust and Efficient Control of Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming over HTTP”. Principal Investigator: Saverio Mascolo
- "Google Faculty Research Award 2014” for the project “Congestion control algorithm for Web real-time communication (WebRTC)". Principal Investigator: Saverio Mascolo

Collaborations with companies and institutions

- Google inc
- Telecom Italia
- University of Wuerzburg
- University of New Mexico
- University of Naples Federico II
- Telecom ParisTech (Institut Mines-Télécom)
- Telecom SudParis (Institut Mines-Télécom)
- Consortium for the Research in Automation and Telecommunication (CRAT)