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Claudio GaravelliProfessor

Competencies and research activities

The laboratory of business planning carries out research activities, training and technology transfer in the area of management and business development, with particular focus on entrepreneurship and strategic management of innovation processes. In particular, regarding the research activities in the context of entrepreneurship, the laboratory is focused on the topic of start-up creation and financing, with particular attention to theme of crowdfunding. About, instead, the strategic management of innovation processes, the laboratory has focused its activities mainly on the themes of open innovation and technology analysis. The main methodological tools used to carry on these activities are statistical and econometric models and analysis of case studies. The laboratory is also used for the training sessions of the course of business planning, in the second year of the master degree in Management Engineering, and for activities of thesis and internship.
Main research areas are:
• Project financing
• Start-up creation
• Crowdfunding
• Open innovation
• Technology assessment
The most recent thesis, carried out in the laboratory, are related to the following topics:
• Government policies and eco-innovations. 
• Analysis of the technological impact of mature technologies in the aerospace sector. 
• Innovation and green economy: study on the marketing of green technologies in the energy sector. 
• Success factors in the creative industries: the case of industry of Hollywood cinema. 
• Study on Innovative Services for knowledge management: business intelligence and analysis. 
• Apulian patents: analysis of the current situation and identification of success factors. 
• Development of a panel of indicators to evaluate the process of technology entrepreneurship within the technological districts.

Collaborations with companies and institutions

• Cézanne Software
• Getronics
• Allaxia
• Natuzzi
• Alenia Marconi Systems
• Sudsistemi
• Netsistemi
• Exprivia
• Base Protection
• Biovegetal
• Fincons Group
• Open Work
• Farmalabor
• Links
• Amaro Lucano
• Serveco