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Contact person

Eufemia Tarantino - Associate Professor of Geomatics

Competencies and research activities

Services and research activities (institutional and funded) provided within the lab focus on the following Geomatics themes:
- extraction of 2D/3D geometric primitives from satellite/aerial/UAV VHR data to update Technical/Thematic Cartography. 
- multi-temporal (change detection) classification of satellite data acquired by means of optic sensors with medium and high spatial, radiometric and spectral resolution to produce thematic maps (land use/land cover, vegetation, thermal anomalies, archaeological traces, etc.); 
- development and customization, through open and proprietary programming languages, of specific algorithms for processing 2D/3D data aimed at improving qualitative and quantitative standards (geometry, accuracy and precision) of results;
- pre/post-processing and structuring of complex 3D cartographic objects, obtained by means of laser technologies for aerial (LIDAR) and Terrestrial LASER Scanning, UAV systems (structure from motion and photogrammetric restitution) aimed generating altimetric models for environmental modelling (DTM, DMS, DEM, etc.);
- development and implementation of WebGIS systems (FLOSS and proprietary software) for interactive analysis, representation and sharing of Big 2D/3D geospatial data according to OGC standard through ad hoc WMS/WFS-T services;
- Accuracy testing on geospatial data produced by third parties (technical cartography, LU/LC classification accuracy, specific land cover extraction);
- Stability testing of WebGIS systems and services implemented by third parties

Collaborations with companies and institutions

- Corvallis S.p.A., Piazzale Luigi Sturzo, 15, 00144 Roma
- Autorità di Bacino della Puglia